Active Protection

The Caravan ID database is active on a 24/7 basis, 365 days per year ensuring that public details of your leisure vehicle are accessible exactly when needed. More in-depth details are available to you and the police, in the event of the need to prove ownership or in the unlikely event of the need for a recovery.

You can change the status of your vehicle to ‘ On tour’, ‘In Storage’ etc., etc. for free, ensuring that its status is never in doubt. For instance, if your vehicle is marked as being ‘In Storage’ on our system and a look-up, perhaps by the police,  shows it to be physically travelling on the M62, you can be sure that suspicions will be raised, and appropriate action taken.

As mentioned already, the database is available 24/7, 365, though the true power of the Caravan ID concept lies in our range of decals, NFC dots, QR codes and other protective markings (available in our shop) which not only provide a visible identification method, but are also a highly effective theft deterrent. Acting in a similar way to CCTV site ‘warning’ boards are used to deter theft, our decals and markings ensure that thieves potentially considering stealing your leisure vehicle are much more likely to move on to another van when they see the Caravan ID marking. Simply put, it means your leisure vehicle is protected.

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