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Public Information

Van Type
Sterling Eccles 635 AL 2017
VIN/Chassis Number
Primary tow vehicle
Silver Volvo XC60. Index VO70VJO or Black Volvo XC90. Index V6JOJ
Second tow vehicle
V6JOJ Black Volvo XC90
Current Status
In Storage
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This caravan is fitted with a quad Powertouch motor mover. E&P self Leveling. ATC. Fiamma Security Door Handrail. Also the centre chest has been removed and replaced with matching wrap around seating. It has a Kart CAMC jockey wheel that has an orange coloured wheel. These additions should help identify this caravan. CRIS tags and dots all over the caravan. Caravan-ID labels.

If seen being towed by any other vehicle please call. 999

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