Positive Identification

The power of the Caravan ID system allows you to buy and place several unique identifying decals and other markings on your leisure vehicle, many of which can be read from a distance. Anyone with a smartphone can use the number to check if the vehicle has been reported stolen and in the case of caravans, that it’s being towed by the correct authorised vehicle.

In short – your van will immediately be recognisable from all the similar vans out there (which is why we highly recommend the purchase of our decals).

Competitor systems don’t do any of this and merely provide identification using your leisure vehicle’s full chassis or VIN number, which can usually only be read if you are close up. This may be useful for the police who may have the ability to look it up and identify the owner, but it means little or nothing to you or to anyone else seeing your van.

Competitor systems are defeated when your van is stolen and the number plates are changed, this renders the vehicle ‘just another caravan on the road’ with no quick or easy way to identify it, or to find out if it’s stolen. The only hope of quick recovery is the unlikely event that the police ‘pull it’ for some reason and check the chassis number.

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