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19 June 2023

How helps you afford greater peace of mind.

Leisure vehicle security shouldn’t be about cost, it should be about the peace of mind security provides to the vehicle owner. But, doing whatever you can to ensure your vehicle stays where you leave it doesn’t need to be expensive. So why do so many leisure vehicle owners place security way down on their list […]

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13 June 2023

Caravan ID is NOT another CRiS

We are regularly asked why people should join Caravan ID when their leisure vehicle is already registered with CRiS. It’s a fair question and comes about due to a misunderstanding of the two services. CRiS work directly with manufacturers to record details of each new vehicle, to include the VIN and model numbers, which then […]

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10 May 2023

Don’t Wait – Join Caravan ID today!

Join Caravan ID today and your vehicle will be entered onto our database, which is accessible to police forces across the entire country and in Europe, providing an extra layer of protection for your cherished leisure vehicle – be it a caravan, motorhome, RV or camper. And the benefits of membership don’t stop there… Every […]

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