How helps you afford greater peace of mind.

Leisure vehicle security shouldn’t be about cost, it should be about the peace of mind security provides to the vehicle owner. But, doing whatever you can to ensure your vehicle stays where you leave it doesn’t need to be expensive. So why do so many leisure vehicle owners place security way down on their list of ‘things to get’?

Everybody knows that making your leisure vehicle secure costs money. Some owners consider security to be a ‘grudge’ purchase, leading them to dump the security to buy the latest gadget. Ironically, this gadget could be what the crooks are looking for, leading to them actively targeting your vehicle.

So, what’s the solution to this security grudge purchase dilemma?

That’s where Caravan-ID comes in. We provide a range of cost-effective, high-quality decals designed to be placed in and around your leisure vehicle. Once deployed, our products allow your vehicle to stand out from the crowd in a modern, attractive way.  Our external & window products are visible to everyone, including the crooks!

If that isn’t enough to convince a would-be ‘grudge security buyer’ about the value of our product range, we also include free registration of your leisure vehicle onto our ‘Secured by Design’ approved database.

Once registered and approved, your vehicle details are immediately available to police forces across the UK and Europe. Inclusion on our database, coupled with the overt power of the protective marking decals, results in greater peace of mind for you.

Click here to view the shop where you can register your vehicle and order your cost effective, high quality decals, and other products.

To learn more click here to view our explainer video and then head over to our shop.

Finally, think you’re protected because you have CRiS? Check out our blog here which explains everything you need to know.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member.

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