Caravan ID – Why it WORKS and Why YOU Need it.

Caravan, motorhome and camper thefts are on the rise. 

Many families are choosing to have a ‘staycation’ by buying or renting caravans, campers, or motorhomes. As this demand increases, it brings with it an increased likelihood of theft.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Taking a few simple steps to protect your leisure vehicle makes a big difference, helping secure it and your family holiday. So, regardless of where you park, be it at home, a campsite, travelling or just a quick stop at the services, you must protect your leisure vehicle.

A simple, proven way to protect your property is to protectively mark it.

For years it’s been known that warning boards and notices on property work well to protect it from theft. Thieves want easy pickings and will move on to the next property if they see that yours is protected. But they’ll also know if you’ve chosen fake signs. To ensure effectiveness, back up your warnings with alarms, CCTV, trackers, or registration schemes. Combining them is ideal.

Membership is where it all begins……

As caravan, camper and motorhome owners, we know the value of our leisure vehicles, both in monetary terms and the pleasure derived from them. It doesn’t matter if they’re used or new, we care about our vehicles and want to do whatever we can to avoid the devastation of theft. That’s why we look out for each other and is also where the membership scheme comes in.

Caravan-ID is a free membership registration scheme. It helps with recovery and identification if your caravan is stolen.

We aim to provide you with the greater peace of mind you need to be a sure that thieves will be put off from stealing your vehicle. The Caravan-ID scheme is more than a just a registration and identification scheme. We use your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to create special decals that uniquely identify your vehicle.

How it works and why it’s so effective.

When you join Caravan-ID you’re asked to verify that you own your vehicle, along with a few other bits of information. It’s nothing long-winded, you just need a recent photograph of yourself, a recent photograph of your van and proof of ownership.

It takes just a few minutes to complete the membership form and upload your photos and documents. Then, you’re good to go. There will be a few restrictions on your account until we verify the information you have provided, but that doesn’t take long.

Once you’re a member, you will be given your Caravan-ID membership number. This number is unique to your vehicle and will stay with it for life.

You can find your information and van details on our database. There are two sections: PUBLIC and PERSONAL. They are physically separated from each other.

Your personal information will not be shown or given to anyone except the police or other official agencies. They will only use it to prevent crime or catch criminals. It is physically segregated from your PUBLIC information on our servers and remains encrypted at all times.

Your PUBLIC information on the other hand,  is available to anybody using our vehicle Look-Up function. A typical ‘Look-Up’ example is shown below:

Imagine for a moment that you see this van parked at the side of the road, or maybe it’s being towed erratically or maybe you’re just curious about it.

To learn about the vehicle, enter its Caravan-ID number in the ‘Look-Up’ section on our website. You’ll see an image like the one here.

Now you will learn about the vehicle, including what vehicle can tow it (if it’s a caravan), and other important details. You can see the vehicle’s ‘official’ status. In this example, it’s listed as ‘Off Road’. So if you see it being towed on the road or at a service station or camp site, you’ll know it’s not supposed to be there. You will then be able to inform the police and potentially prevent that van from being lost for good.

If you check the vehicle’s public information, you might find that it’s marked as ‘Stolen’. If that’s true, you can call the police, give them the ID number, and tell them where you saw it. The police can log in to our database using their own login. They gather information to identify the vehicle and its owner. This is possible because the vehicle is registered with Caravan-ID and has a unique decal.

Remember: Registration, Status Update and Vehicle Look-Up are all completely FREE with Caravan-ID.

You can get decals for your vehicle starting at just £4.20. They help increase security and make thieves less likely to target your vehicle. This means your vehicle will be safer and more likely to stay where you parked it.

….And it doesn’t stop there

Check out our website shop for a variety of identification decals, including QR and windows decals. We also offer NFC dots and tags that come pre-programmed with your Caravan-ID membership profile. These can be discreetly placed in secret spots in your leisure vehicle that only you know about. The police can access this information through your Caravan-ID profile.

Start your fightback against the thieves and join Caravan-ID TODAY!

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