Caravan ID is in Practical Caravan Magazine!

As part of our drive to introduce the Caravan ID concept to as many leisure vehicle owners as possible, we’re advertising in the September 2023 issue of Practical Caravan magazine. This month the magazine is published to compliment the NEC Caravan show and we’re really excited about it, particularly as this is our first print advert.

We’re doing this to push the message that we’re passionate about helping people to protect their leisure vehicles, be it a caravan, camper, RV or motorhome – they’re all much cherished vehicles forming a vital part of every owners family. Essentially, these vehicles are their owner’s holiday – their freedom to go where they wish, when they wish.

Join the theft fightback

It’s so sad to see so many reports over social media about how precious vehicles have been stolen, and often the night before the family was due to go away! As a person with a family myself, I cannot image how difficult it must be to tell the kids they’re no longer going on holiday.

This is where Caravan ID can help.

We provide an up-to-date database holding vital ownership and identification information about your vehicle (what it is, where it should be and (for caravans) what should be towing it) and it’s available free of charge, 24/7, 365 days a year.

There are no charges for status updates, vehicle sales or other similar changes that others charge for, meaning that our database is always up to date. We take the view that if people have to pay for such regular changes, they simply won’t do it and the relevant database becomes out of date and therefore useless.

The REAL POWER of Caravan ID

The real power of Caravan ID though, comes from our range of decals. Each one unique to your vehicle and can be applied to the front, sides, rear and roof of your vehicle. They can be reflective, multi-coloured or tamper evident – the choice is yours.

We also have a range of internal QR codes and NFC dots, which can be hidden wherever you wish. Then there’s our membership cards which include a QR code link to your profile (the card alone doesn’t prove ownership of your vehicle, but it does so in association with the look up information from the Caravan ID database). In combination then, there is no doubt left at all that the vehicle’s yours!

Thieves know this. They know about Caravan ID. And they know that a leisure vehicle displaying a Caravan ID decal is a very risky theft proposition and will most likely move on to the next, unprotected vehicle. For those who have any doubt about the power of protectively marking your leisure vehicle click this article from the police and know this – Caravan ID has a 100% anti-theft record.

Smart people realise that the low cost of our decals coupled with free membership Caravan ID really does protect your vehicle and deters theft.

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