Don’t let this happen to you.

I recently saw a photograph on social media from Stolen Caravans UK. The issue shown could have been resolved instantly if the van owner was a Caravan ID member and had applied its unique decals. A simple search would have shown where the van should be and what vehicle should tow it.

The search could have been done by a police officer, someone who likes leisure vehicles, or just a concerned person. Either way, the van status would have been quick and easy to get. Maybe the vehicle lost its plates during the trip?….. or perhaps it was stolen.

Yes, plates can be taken off in just a few moments, we all know that – but its not so easy to remove a Caravan ID decal.

Removing one of our standard decals can take more than 30 minutes, not including our tamper-evident options or the necessary tools. Crooks would need to be quiet. Why would the crooks bother when the vehicle next door is unmarked?

Caravan ID marked vehicles are a lot less likely to be targeted than an unmarked one. It costs a fraction of your vehicle value to add a decal and costs nothing to join us.

Make your holiday safe by joining Caravan ID. It ensures your holiday stays where you left it.

Be Smart. Join us now.

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