Don’t Wait – Join Caravan ID today!

Join Caravan ID today and your vehicle will be entered onto our database, which is accessible to police forces across the entire country and in Europe, providing an extra layer of protection for your cherished leisure vehicle – be it a caravan, motorhome, RV or camper.

And the benefits of membership don’t stop there…

Every leisure vehicle owner will know that their vehicle looks almost identical to every other model out there and with an estimated 555,000 caravans and 225,000 motorhomes in use in the UK alone, that’s a lot of similar looking vehicles.

By joining Caravan ID, you will be able to access and buy our exclusive range of decals which are unique to your vehicle, which once applied will  provide an extremely effective and powerful deterrent against theft. With your vehicle proudly displaying a Caravan ID decal it will stand out from the crowd and encourage thieves to target another less well protected vehicle.

But that’s not all, by joining Caravan ID, your optional decal is more than just a ‘sticker’. Each and every decal is unique to your vehicle and is linked to our secure database, allowing the police and members of the community to ‘look up’ your vehicle on our website, and identify its status within moments, providing you with the peace of mind you need to protect your vehicle.

Caravan ID membership also gives you access to our wider leisure vehicle owner’s community, from where you will be able to share your views, ideas, suggestions and pick up useful information all designed to help improve your leisure vehicle ownership experience.

So, by joining Caravan ID for free you not only get your vehicle registered on a database accessible to the police, but you get the option to acquire a cost effective range of unique identification decals designed to deter theft and protect your vehicle plus you get the added benefit of access to our community of like-minded owners.

Don’t wait, join Caravan ID now and register for free here.


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