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Many of you will have noticed the absence of ID cards, NFC tags and QR codes from our website store. This is only a temporary absence, and all items will be back soon. It’s a direct result of the many changes we’ve been making at Caravan ID and we just have a few remaining technical […]

Page: ID cards, NFC tags, Dots and All things QR

As part of the changes we have made to the Caravan ID domain, we have also had to change our Facebook page, which we posted about some time ago. I would encourage anybody who has not already joined the new Facebook group, to please do so as soon as you can, before the old page […]

Page: Our Facebook & Social Media Presence

We’re delighted to announce that the Intellectual Property Office has accepted our application to trademark our company name. This will allow us to prevent a recurrence of some of the confusion and concern encountered in the latter part of 2022. Securing this trademark with the Intellectual Property Office is a major step forward for the […]

Page: Caravan ID is Trademarked!

Given the number of questions we’ve received lately, it’s clear that many of you have noticed the changes happening here at CaravanID Ltd. So, in an attempt to answer as many of these as we can, we’ve put this short blog together to give you an overview of what we’ve been doing and what we’ve […]

Page: Growing and Changing For The Future

With a new, modern, dynamic logo and brand identity designed to underpin a credible, modern, and ethical business, we lovingly present to you our new website. Designed to provide a clear, succinct message, positioning our business as a free force for good within the caravan & leisure tourism market. We took some time to listen […]

Page: Introducing the new-look Caravan ID website

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